Children's Music Series

We are pleased to announce our 40th Anniversary Children's Music Series, sponsored by the Friends of the Jones Libraries and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Events are Saturdays at 10:30 AM in our Woodbury Room. Select a show below for more information.

Children's Music Series - Amazing Acappela
We welcome the Amherst College Zumbyes (view video) and Bluestockings (view video) acapella groups for a performance that will amaze listeners of every age. Without any instruments besides the human voice, these talented singers can sound like a whole symphony! Meet the students in our community who will share their songs, and teach us a little about how Acapella singing works.
Childrens Music Series - Community Sing Along
Feeling inspired by the Amazing Acapella? This week we give you a chance to be the star of the show! Join us for a trip to the Emerald City with our favorite cast of colorful characters as they sing and dance their way along the yellow brick road.  Students from the UMass Music Education Program will lead the audience in a vocal warm up, and then we’ll practice our singing and reading skills by following along with lyrics on screen. Kids of all ages are encouraged to come in Oz-inspired costumes and a prize will be given for the best costume! Movie is rated G and runs approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Childrens Music Series - Diane Edgecomb
There is plenty of laughter and delight in this animated retelling of Ireland's best-loved gems including Irish favorites like Gilly Blackfoot where a young lad's aversion to washing his feet causes him to fall in with a fairy band. Cloaks of invisibility and magic spells abound as hapless Gilly sets out to help free the Princess of France. Known for her vivid comedic style, Diane brings delight to her interpretations of these classic Irish favorites. This performance is accompanied by Margot Chamberlain on Celtic harp. (view video)
Children's Music Series - The Nields
We conclude our 40th anniversary season with long time favorites The Nields! Nerissa & Katryna Nields continue to tour the country playing for all ages. The Nields’s family shows are a blend of Pete Seeger-esque group song leading and Dan Zanes-like reconstruction of old classics, plus their own inimitable style of high energy, whimsy and filigreed harmony singing. (view video)