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1. How do I apply for a Jones Library card?
2. How many items can I borrow?
3. How can I renew my items?
4. How does the library calculate overdue fines?
5. Can I pay my fines online?
6. What happens if I have overdue items?
7. What if I lose or damage something?
8. What if a library CD, DVD, or other item gets stuck in my car or home player?
9. I think the library should own a particular item. Can I suggest that you purchase it?
10. I'm not able to visit the library. Are there services for the homebound?
11. Can I use a library meeting room?
12. Can I borrow museum passes?
13. Can I borrow musical instruments?
14. Can I borrow a Wi-Fi hotspot?
15. Can I print wirelessly from my laptop at the library?
16. Can I volunteer at the library?
17. How can I get a job at the library?
18. Can the library proctor my exam?
19. Can I donate used books to the library?
20. Are donations to the library tax deductible?
21. Do the public libraries close on school snow days?
22. Can I apply for a library card at other libraries in Amherst?
23. Who is in charge of the library?
24. Whose house was this?