Burnett Gallery Virtual Exhibit

Work by Hongbing Tang
October 1 – 31, 2021

Hongbing Tang

Hongbing Tang is a registered landscape architect and an elected member of American Professional Artist League (APAL). She has been teaching watercolor and mixed media at the Boston Architectural College since 2017. Her artworks have been displayed at the national and international exhibitions in Boston and New York.

A native of Beijing, Hongbing grew up near the Forbidden City. As a child, she was lucky to have this unique cultural setting as her playground and a source of enrichment. She paints and draws with a variety of mediums. Watercolor is her favorite among all of them. Combining her love of art and her professional practice is Hongbing’s approach to watercolor. She teaches students majoring in architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture to draw and paint by hand and digitally, and encourages students to explore design with an artistic approach.

To Hongbing, art is a journey. It helps her find her inner voice and her true self. Art connects her with people and nature. Hongbing's watercolor reveals her perceptions of the world, and her passion on architecture and landscape across cultural boundaries. She attempts to capture the special moments in life and the spirit of inspiring people and places.


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