Burnett Gallery Virtual Exhibit

Work by Robert Croll
August 1 – 31, 2021

Robert Croll is an artist and literary translator based in Western Massachusetts. In his photography, he often uses architectural subjects – both iconic and mundane – as points of departure, creating spatially ambiguous images that diverge from the scenes they appear to represent. Although originally trained in film photography, his current practice is digital, and each composition involves an extensive editing process during which he subtracts details at the pixel level, heightens or mutes light and color, and distorts perspective and framing. He attempts to create images that reward sustained, critical looking and that inhabit a reality somewhere between the clarity of documentation and the abstraction of memory. In this collection, the photographs are organized in pairs to show the development and repetition of his ideas over the past five years. You can see more of his work or inquire at rmcroll.com.

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