Burnett Gallery Virtual Exhibit

Quabbin Art Association (QAA)
June 1 – 30, 2021

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Meg Bandarra

Meg Bandarra is a Massachusetts based artist, whose award-winning paintings are exhibited in shows and included in private collections around the country. After graduating from the Hartford Art School, Meg began a successful career as a graphic designer and creative director, eventually joining a global entertainment agency as the International Commercial and Design Director of Licensed Merchandise for a beloved children's literary brand. During that time Meg also began licensing some of her own creations to national and international publications.

Since leaving the corporate-creative world behind, Meg has pursued painting full-time, and is now teaching workshops and classes in addition to showing and selling her work. www.megbandarra.com

Dennis Burke

Elaine Darr-Morton

My approach to photography is like fishing. I never know what I am going to catch. When I am out and about my cell phone is my medium but if I have gone to a destination with taking pictures in mind I use my Nikon D90 digital camera. My work over the past 20 years has ranged from landscapes to seascapes and everything in between. I am an active member of the Quabbin Photo Group and the Pioneer Valley Photo Artists, and until last year had a permanent exhibit with the Les Campbell Sky Meadow Gallery in Belchertown, Massachusetts. A couple of years ago I became a member of the Quabbin Art Association and have been inspired to get into painting with acrylic. I can be reached at darrmorton@charter.net.


Sue Dion

Susan Dion is a life-long resident of the Pioneer Valley and has been an artist for over 50 years. She majored in art at Westfield State University and continues to learn from a variety of local artists. Dion draws her inspiration from a wealth of resources, and her ongoing, reverential, and keen observations of nature and all things in her visual world have continued to propel her to paint and draw. An admirer of the Impressionists, Dion enjoys trying to capture and play with the effects of light, space, and multiple colors found in her world. As an ongoing part of her development, the artist has recently joined the Quabbin Art Association and continues to attend local exhibitions to learn and be inspired by others’ work. Through most of her work, Dion tries to convey feelings of celebration, wonderment and serenity. Her hope is to share this passionate vision with others. If interested in purchasing any of her works, please contact the artist at 413-374-9879 (cell) or sue1952us@yahoo.com.

Denise Fontaine-Pincince

Denise Fontaine-Pincince is a multi-media artist and poet who often combines her art and poetry.


Bee Leake

The powerful, fragile natural systems around us are the underlying inspiration for my paintings. Most of my work begins with photos I take on my walks and hikes, often of the same area in different weather or seasons. As I sketch and learn about the plants, fungi, and animals I’ve seen in person, the finished piece takes shape. I combine realistic and imagined visual details, colors, and textures to let the viewer “sit with me” in a moment in time. See more at www.mossybee.com and @mossy.bee on Instagram.

Sarah Madison

Sarah Madison attended art and photography schools in her youth, followed by an unexpected 36 year career as an academic advisor at UMass Amherst. Retiring in 2016, she returned to her creative interests, ranging from stone carving to fiber arts. Her current artistic endeavors include digital photography, paper cutting, and needle felting. Sarah is a member of the Guild of American Papercutters, the Pioneer Valley Photographic Artists, and the Quabbin Art Association. The results of her creative energy can be viewed on her Facebook page Monkey Meadow Dreams.

Maureen Oldham

Linda Repasky

Linda Rowland-Buckley

Linda Rowland-Buckley is a watercolor artist. Her other mediums include alcohol art. She is a fiction writer and loves gardening, hiking. Contact Linda at rowbuc1998@gmail.com or 413-575-8292.

Deborah Sacon

Capturing light and shadow, creating dynamic scenes from landscape or seascape or river scenes, has been the focus of my painting most recently. I have been making art for over 25 years, and by now, painting has become my required act of meditation. During the summer and fall, I am often found at the edge of a cornfield, in the pasture among cows, or in the woods next to a flowing river. Using brush strokes, or “making marks” bridging the gap between Realism and Expressionism guides me; often I am lost in the scene, as I decide which natural forms to keep, where to add more value, where less. Because light is fleeting and nature is alive, I first capture what will move or disappear – a fisherman or the water receding out to sea or flowing past me – while defining and describing only the essentials of that moment. debsacon@gmail.com

Joan Setkewich

I have taught art in the Belchertown, MA Public School System for 25 years and offered drawing and painting classes in my home studio on Cold Spring Rd. Since leaving my public teaching career I have conducted art workshops for several cruise lines to various parts of the world including Hawaii and the Mediterranean.

My love of watercolor and its looseness of style has given rise to many landscapes, seascapes and floral designs as I continue to pursue my full time artist career.

I am a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with BA degrees in Art and English Literature. My portfolio consists of original watercolors, acrylics and alcohol ink paintings.

Rochelle Shicoff

There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature  –Rachel Carson

During my residency in Wild Acres, NC, I created a colored pencil and water color series Caresses The Wind of Red-winged Blackbirds in the 4 seasons. The Blue Ridge Mountains were invigorating and very stimulating. My cabin, in the deep woods, with windows at every turn, was my work space and was very private and quiet. It was as though I was inside and outside at the same time. A wonderful environment for creating work. I felt refreshed and peaceful.

I appreciate the sequence, saturation and intensity of the seasons in Western Massachusetts. My studio in Massachusetts is surrounded by windows, and again, as in the Wild Acres residency, I feel as though I am working inside and outside.

Linda Snow

Maureen Solomon

Maureen Solomon’s oil paintings are experiments in color and shape. Her first and lifelong artistic endeavors as a photographer challenge her to look beyond what the camera can record. She has studied painting with the late Roberta Wilson and portraiture with Debra Dunphy, ceramics with Juliet Bacchas and Linda Spelko.

She is also a working poet and proud to be a member of the Florence Poets Society. She may be contacted at maureen@goodread.com. Her work is exhibited in the Indian Orchard Mills Virtual Gallery and artists’ website.