Burnett Gallery Virtual Exhibit

Works by Marla Shelasky and Ellen X. Silverberg
May 1 – 31, 2021
Marla Shelasky - Photo

Works by Marla Shelasky

I’m often asked how I make my woven paintings, rarely what they mean. These are paintings for sure, but they are also craft. Viewers generally understand the basic woven quality of the work — over, under, over, under — so I think they are really being moved to ask about artistry: that complex process of informed decision making, secret to artists, that culminates in an object capable of fascinating its audience. Seems to me that inside the fascination that elicits the question of “how” is really a desire to “know” the artist and find meaning.

Primary to meaning in my work is textile (pattern, line, and texture) and relationship (depth and contrast). I make woven paintings, and collages from their scraps, because they are tedious and imperfect. Within that tedium are choices, each one resolved before moving on to the next, and imperfection allows for variation, surprise and problem solving. The woven structure brings warp and weft in contact with and responsive to each other at every crossing. Textile is feminine, and strong, long lasting and ever present in our lives. Stepping back from the craft, one can see that each painting has its ghost, a resting place, a presence in a shadow or in its depth; she is not so complex, just there, and she has been with me my entire artistic life.

Marla Shelasky is a drawer and a textile artist with an intense interest in surface design. She has worked in non-profit administration, marketing, and program development within the arts, education and museum fields. She currently lives in the Springfield area. Her work is available for purchase or commissions. For inquiries or questions, please email mjshelasky@gmail.com.

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Ellen X Silverberg - Photo

Works by Ellen X. Silverberg

I’ve been taking photos since I was seven years old when my father, an avid photographer, bought me my first Brownie for my birthday. Fast forward fifty-plus years to this past coronavirus year. With a mask and good luck I successfully avoided the virus, so life fortunately wasn't a struggle for me, and I'm now fully vaccinated (yay)! As usual, I went for long, long walks almost every day, visiting my favorite local trails.

I am primarily a nature photographer, and in this virtual show I've assembled a collection of 12 images taken between April 2020 and March 31st 2021, that reflect the great beauty and the variety of habitats in this area. And all were taken within 4 miles of my home in south Amherst.

Please feel free to contact me to see more. I sell matted enlargements as well as photo cards. I can be contacted at doremixox@yahoo.com.

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