Burnett Gallery Virtual Exhibit

February 1 – 28, 2021
Profile Photo - Robyn Thompson-Duong

Work by Robyn Thompson-Duong 

  [images of Black women in acrylic]

Magical realism, beauty and love of color, my work evokes pride in black culture and the spirit of femininity. Drawing inspiration from art history, my work deals with challenging the societal perceptions and stereotypes of Black femininity and beauty by depicting women of color as Mother Goddess, grand, graceful, and beautiful. In the Western canon white women have been the default for mainstream ideals of beauty and femininity, while Black women were and still are seen as the antithesis of femininity. My work seeks to reappropriate the Black female image and what it means to be a woman of color.

Primarily a figurative artist, I work in acrylics at my Boston studio. As a black woman raised in the suburbs of Boston and often being the only person of color growing up, I understand the importance of representation and seeing one’s self in the images and people around you, hence my work depicting women of color as the main subjects of my paintings. I studied visual art at Syracuse University earning a BFA in 2002 and later went on to earn an MEd from Lesley University. Combining my passion for art with my love of teaching, I have been an art teacher in both private and public institutions. I was named the Museum of Fine Arts Boston Emerging Artist Fellow for 2020 and an Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston Creative Entrepreneur Fellow for 2021.