Field Family Papers, 1820-1949


The Field family has ties to Amherst and the Samuel Minot Jones family. Roswell and Eugene Field were both authors and our collection includes some original manuscripts, correspondence, and other family papers. Although the Field family lived in Vermont and in the Midwest, their family connections to the town and the Jones family forms the bases for our collection.

Biographical Note

The relationship of the Field family with Amherst is richly intertwined with the history of the town. Esther Smith Kellogg (1779-1867), wife of General Martin Field (1773-1833), was the daughter of prominent Amherst resident Daniel Kellogg. When Esther and Martin's son Roswell's wife died in 1856, his sons Eugene (1850-1895) and Roswell, Jr. (1851-1919) were sent to Amherst to live with their cousin Mary Field French, granddaughter of Martin Field and half-sister of Samuel Minot Jones, benefactor of this library. Later, Eugene was under the guardianship of John W. Burgess, husband of Samuel Minot Jones' sister Augusta. Burgess's second wife, Ruth Payne Jewett, was the granddaughter of Charles K. Field, Martin Field's eldest son.

Scope and Contents

The Field Family Papers contains materials from multiple generations of the Field family, and totals some 1100 items. The collection includes letters and engravings of General Martin Field, a lawyer in Newfane, Vermont, and letters and other papers of his wife Esther Smith Kellogg. Also, letters and photographs of their son Charles Kellogg Field (1803-1880), another lawyer in Newfane, and a letter and other papers from his brother Roswell Martin Field, Sr. (1807-1869), well-known as the lawyer who represented Dred Scott. A large part of the collection is formed by the approximately 200 letters of Julia Kellogg Field (1829-1890), daughter of Charles K. Field and a schoolteacher in Virginia before her marriage to Elisha Payne Jewett. 

The papers of Eugene Field, son of Roswell M. Field, Sr., are varied and include articles, correspondence, manuscripts, photographs and ephemera.  Although Eugene Field is best known for his children's verses he was also a noted political columnist and editorial writer whose work helped shape the political mood in Chicago for many years. Julia Comstock Field (1856-1936), the wife of Eugene, is represented by letters and clippings.

Roswell Martin Field, Jr. was also a journalist and author, and the collection contains manuscripts of poetry and essays, articles, correspondence, photographs, twenty volumes of his works and other materials.

Charles Kellogg Field (1873-1948), grandson of Charles Kellogg Field, was the noted author and radio personality "Cheerio."  Included are letters, articles, music and poetry manuscripts.

The Field Family Papers are of interest not only for their materials relating to Eugene Field, but also for the light they shed on New England.
 The letters and papers show one family's growth and movement for the whole of the nineteenth century as the family traveled south and moved westward.


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Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.


The Field Family Papers were obtained by purchase and by gift of Roswell M. Field (1919), Ruth Payne Burgess (1934), the Field Family Trust (1935), Charles K. Field (1935), Charles H. Dennis (1948), and Ethel Reardon (1949).

Preferred Citation

Field Family Papers, Special Collections, Jones Library, Amherst, Massachusetts.

Processing information

This collection was reorganized by Katherine Whitcomb in 2020.

Related Materials

See the Amherst Authors Collection for works by Eugene Field.

Letters from Charles Kellogg Field to Ray Stannard Baker may have been donated with other Field family papers, but are located in the Baker Collection.

-Collection Inventory

 Box Title Date
Field, Charles Kellogg (1803-1880) - Letters to his wife 1848
1 Field, Charles Kellogg (1803-1880) - List of letters  
1 Field, Charles Kellogg (1803-1880) - Lithograph  
Field, Charles Kellogg (1873-1948) - Acorn  1890
1 Field, Charles Kellogg (1873-1948) - Article 
Field, Charles Kellogg (1873-1948) - Field Family Trust 1933
Field, Charles Kellogg (1873-1948) - Letters
Written mostly to his cousin, Ruth Payne Jewett Burgess.
1 Field, Charles Kellogg (1873-1948) - Miscellaneous  
Oversized  Field, Charles Kellogg (1873-1948) - Music
1 Field, Charles Kellogg (1873-1948) - Obituary  1948
Field, Charles Kellogg (1873-1948) - Poetry 1895-1896, 1905, 1907
1 Field, Esther Smith Kellogg - Miscellaneous  
1 Field, Eugene - Amherst  
1 Field, Eugene - Bibliography 1936, 1954
Oversized Field, Eugene - Birthplace
1 Field, Eugene - Burgess Collection - Letters
Letters written by Eugene Field to various members of his family, and a few miscellaneous items
1879, 1884-1889, 1891
Field, Eugene - Burgess Collection - Receipts
Receipts written by and for expenses sustained by Eugene Field
Field, Eugene - Catalogues
Catalogues and other papers detailing sales of various works of Eugene Field
Field, Eugene - Chicago  
Field, Eugene - Comstock Letters
Letters written by Eugene to his wife, Julia Comstock
1872-74, 1881-1882
1 Field, Eugene - Comstock Letters, copies  
Field, Eugene - Correspondence about  
Field, Eugene - Dennis Collection 1936
Field, Eugene - Denver Library  
Field, Eugene - Dormitory at UMass Amherst 1964
Field, Eugene - Guestbook 1896-1898
Oversized Field, Eugene - Immortal Little Willie  
2 Field, Eugene - Knox College 1871, 1926, 1942, 1950
2 Field, Eugene - Kubicek article 1975
Oversized Field, Eugene - Letter to Mamma
2 Field, Eugene - Letters 1867-1895
2 Field, Eugene - Library
Two copies of the sale catalogue for Field's private library
2 Field, Eugene - Little Willie  
2 Field, Eugene - Manuscripts  
2 Field, Eugene - Manuscripts - Correspondence
Correspondence regarding various Field materials
1930, 1933, 1934, 1968, 1970
Oversized Field, Eugene - Manuscripts - Facsimile  
2 Field, Eugene - Manuscripts - Facsimiles
Transcriptions and copies of letters and poems
2 Field, Eugene - Manuscripts - Field Correspondence
Correspondence between Field's son Roswell and the Jones Library about the purchase of some letters
2 Field, Eugene - Manuscripts - The Fire-Hang Bird 1890
2 Field, Eugene - Lucius Smith and The Peter Bird  
Oversized  Field, Eugene - Memorial  
2 Field, Eugene - Miscellaneous  
2 Field, Eugene - Monson, Mass
Various newspaper articles relating to Field's time in Rev. James Tufts' school in Monson
2 Field, Eugene - Monument  
2 Field, Eugene - My Book  
3 Field, Eugene - Newfane, Vermont  
3 Field, Eugene - Newspaper articles about Various
3 Field, Eugene - Newspaper articles by Various
3 Field, Eugene - Periodical articles about (3 folders) Various
3 Field, Eugene - Periodical articles by  
3 Field, Eugene - Pictures  
Map case Field, Eugene - Poem - "Madge, Ye Hoyden"
Oversized Field, Eugene - Poetry set to music  
Map case Field, Eugene - Posters  
Oversized Field, Eugene - Proofs - Profitable Tales  
Oversized Field, Eugene - Proofs - Reid  
Oversized Field, Eugene - Proofs - Western Verse  
3 Field, Eugene - Re-burial 1926
3 Field, Eugene - St. Louis
Materials related to the Eugene Field House and Society
3 Field, Eugene - Saints and Sinners 1899
3 Field, Eugene - SS Eugene Field 1943
4 Field, Eugene - Wilson
Copy of the poem Field wrote to Francis Wilson
4 Field, Eugene - Writings  
4 Field, Julia Comstock (1856-1936) - Obituary 1936
4 Field, Julia K. (1829-1890) - Letters  
4 Field, Julia K. (1829-1890) - Letters 1850
4 Field, Julia K. (1829-1890) - Letters 1855-1856 June
4 Field, Julia K. (1829-1890) - Letters
1856 Jul-Dec
Field, Julia K. (1829-1890) - Letters
1857 Jan-May
Field, Julia K. (1829-1890) - Letters
1857 Jun-Dec
Field, Julia K. (1829-1890) - Letters
1858 Jan-Apr 
4 Field, Julia K. (1829-1890) - Letters
1858 May-Dec 
4 Field, Julia K. (1829-1890) - Letters
Field, Julia K. (1829-1890) - Letters 1860-1861
Field, Julia K. (1829-1890) - Miscellaneous  
4 Field, Martin (1773-1833) – Letter 
Transcript of a letter written by Martin to his daughter Mary Hubbard Field
4 Field, Martin (1773-1833) – Prints
4 Field, Mary French (d. 1949) – Miscellaneous
Daughter of Eugene Field
4  Field, Roswell M., Sr. (1807-1869) – Letter  1833
4 Field, Roswell M., Sr. (1807-1869) – Libel suit 1835
4 Field, Roswell M., Jr. (1851-1919) – Biography   
Oversized  Field, Roswell M., Jr. (1851-1919) – Fornaro   
Oversized  Field, Roswell M., Jr. (1851-1919) – Horace’s Odes  
Field, Roswell M., Jr. (1851-1919) – Ixion’s Whistling Tour Through Tartarus  
Oversized Field, Roswell M., Jr. (1851-1919) – Letter  
4 Field, Roswell M., Jr. (1851-1919) – Letters 
Many written to his cousin, Ruth Payne Jewett Burgess. 
4 Field, Roswell M., Jr. (1851-1919) – Letters to 1893, 1900, 1906
5 Field, Roswell M., Jr. (1851-1919) – Manuscript   
Oversized Field, Roswell M., Jr. (1851-1919) – Masons   
5 Field, Roswell M., Jr. (1851-1919) – Miscellaneous   
5 Field, Roswell M., Jr. (1851-1919) – Newspaper articles
From the Kansas City Times and Kansas City Star newspapers
1882 and on
5 Field, Roswell M., Jr. (1851-1919) – Pictures 1  
6 Field, Roswell M., Jr. (1851-1919) – Pictures    
6 Field, Roswell M., Jr. (1851-1919) – Writings   
6 Field Family – Genealogical information   
6 Field Family – Photographs   
6 Field Family Papers – Correspondence regarding  1929, 1933, 1969