Zine Club

What is Zine Club?

Born from the term "fanzine," a zine is a limited-circulation, small press or self-made publication of original content. Zines can feature or focus on just about anything - poetry, personal writing, fan works, art, photography. If you can put it on paper, you can put it in a zine! 

Traditionally, zines were made by hand and individual pages were photocopied to create one publication. A lot of people still use this method, but these days zines are also created online or using design software, with many available in both digital and physical form! 

Zine Club is a space where we all gather to co-work, chat, and share inspiration for whatever projects we’re working on. Like zines themselves, our club is both digital and physical! Zine Club is based around the idea of creating zines, but members work on a variety of personal projects during meetings, and there's no requirement that they be zine-related. Collaborative projects between club members are also welcome!

What are some of the ways to get involved with Zine Club?

  1. Come to one of our virtual meet-ups! Our virtual Zine Club meetings are a collaboration with Forbes and Lilly Libraries. We regularly meet twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month from 7 to 9pm. This month's meetings are on February 10th and February 24th. All ages welcome!
  2. Request a copy of our latest issue of QuaranZine. This is a collaborative zine with submissions by teens, staff, and community members. Each issue has a different theme. To get on our mailing list, fill out this short survey and we'll send you one in the mail! It's free and fun!
  3. Submit something to our latest issue of QuaranZine. We're always looking for submissions! We would love to include your writing or artwork in our next issue. Send us an email to teens@joneslibrary.org or upload files here and we'll do our best to feature it in the next issue! 
  4. Request one of our Take&Make zine kits! Need some inspiration? Get ideas for your next zine project! Email teens@joneslibrary.org to arrange pickup of a Take&Make zine kit with some fun images and text for collaging and a sample project.
virtual zine club feb 10 and feb 24 from 7 to 9 pm