Zine Club

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What are zines?

Born from the term "fanzine," a zine is a limited-circulation, small press or self-made publication of original content. Zines can feature or focus on just about anything - poetry, personal writing, fan works, art, photography. If you can put it on paper, you can put it in a zine! 

Traditionally, zines were made by hand and individual pages were photocopied to create one publication. A lot of people still use this method, but these days zines are also created online or using design software, with many available in both digital and physical form! 

What is zine club?

Zine Club meetups are a space where we all gather to co-work, chat, and share inspiration for whatever projects we’re working on. Like zines themselves, our club is both digital and physical! Zine Club is based around the idea of creating zines, but members work on a variety of personal projects during meetings, and there's no requirement that they be zine-related. Collaborative projects between club members are also welcome! 

When is the next Zine Club meetup?

** Zine Club meetups are currently on hiatus. **

Zine Club Projects:

Tails & Tales zine - As of August 2021, we just finished our collaborative Tails & Tales zine based on this year's summer reading theme. It's filled with delightful photos and stories of the beloved animals in our lives. Pick up a copy in the library or check out the online version.

Ways to submit:

  • Use our submission form to submit text and/or upload images
  • Send your submission via email to zineclub@joneslibrary.org 
  • Drop off submissions in person at the Jones Library Kids' Desk during our open hours.
  • Submissions can also be left in the Jones Library book drop 24/7. Please place the submission in an envelope and write "Attn: Zine Club" on it.