Printables and Activities!

On this page you can find resources and instructions for at-home learning and exploring your creativity. These resources have been chosen and created by the Jones Library Kids Room Staff. We love supporting hands-on learning for kids of all ages. Thanks for visiting!

Slit Books

Slit Books are great because all you need is a single sheet of paper and a pair of scissors! You can make your book out of good quality paper, such as watercolor paper, or simply use printer paper.
  1. Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half the long way. Take care to line up the edges as closely as possible.
  2. Open up the paper and fold it in half the other way, so that now you have four squares on your page.
  3. Fold the short ends into the middle crease and then open them out flat. Your page has now been divided into eight equal size sections.
  4. Fold the sheet in half width-ways, and carefully cut a slit from the crease to where the four folds meet in the middle.
  5. Open the page out flat.
  6. Refold the page in half lengthways. With the slit at the top, hold the left and right ends firmly. Move your hands toward each other until the slit pops open.
  7. Keep going until you’ve created an X shape.
  8. Gently ease the pages around to form a book shape.
You’re all done! Write or draw in your books as you like.

Step 1

Slit Book step 1 fold the paper in half

Step 2

Slit book step 2 fold the paper in half in the other direction

Step 3

slit book step 3 fold the paper to make 8 equal size sections

Step 4

slit book step 4 cut a slit in the middle of the folded paper

Step 5

Slit book step 5 move your hands toward each other until the slit pops open

Step 6

Slit book step 6 create an x shape

Step 7

Slit book step 7 gentle ease the pages around to form a book shape

Step 8

slit book step 8 You have an 8-page book

Dream Bike Challenge

Your bike could be magic, it could defy the laws of physics, have the most high tech accessories, or be your favorite color! Draw the awesome features of your dream bike using the medium of your choosing..... Or write about it! This could be a few sentences, a poem, a list of all the things you could hope for in a bike, or even a story about where your magic bike could take you! We love this example of a neon green bike with a speed booster and a crate attached for snacks and books! If you need a little help drawing a bike (they are tricky!), check out this how-to. Or if you would rather just color one in, click the "Print It!" button below for a coloring sheet!

Print It!

Flower Pounding

An easy way to create a botanical print on fabric or paper!

You will need:

  • Light color fabric or heavy weight paper, such as watercolor paper
  • Fresh flowers
  • A hammer
  • A cutting board, or hard surface to pound on
  • Paper towels or masking tape
How to do Flower Pounding:

  1. Find some colorful plants. Various flowers and leaves will work. You will have to experiment to see which ones work best!
  2. Lay your fabric or paper on your cutting board or a hard surface you don't mind hitting with the hammer.
  3. Lay the plants down on your fabric or paper and cover them with a paper towel. Alternatively, you could tape the flowers down with masking tape. If you use tape, it is best to cover the entire flower with the tape.
  4. Gently tap the flowers with your hammer to release their color.
  5. Lift the paper towel (or remove the masking tape) and peel off the smooshed flowers from your work.
  6. Allow your piece to dry.
  7. The print will eventually fade or change a bit, and we would not recommend washing the fabric.
That's it! You can turn your fabric into a tea towel, bag, sachet, or whatever you can think of! Prints made on paper can become bookmarks, cards, or framed pieces!

Bio-Poem: For Poetry Month or Any Month

During this time of intense isolation, children need the opportunity to express themselves and connect with others. Print out this Bio-Poem template (PDF) for your child and help them fill it out if needed. Writing this poem may give them the opportunity to express themselves, as well as practice their spelling and writing skills. If your child is inclined, they can decorate their Bio-Poem and mail it to a friend (and include a blank one for the recipient to fill out themselves)! We could all use a little more connection right now.
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Illustrate a New Picture Book

Local author Corinne Demas writes:
"Remember Me? is a brand-new picture book that hasn’t been illustrated or published yet. I wanted to share it with you right now (PDF), because it’s the story of kids who are living through this hard time, just like us."

Learn more about this activity on Corinne's website.
Print It!

Blackout Poems

Pull a page from an old book, magazine, or newspaper. Skim the page and notice the words or phrases that catch your attention. Lightly circle the words or phrases that you're considering. Cross out any words you decide not to use. Then, boldly circle all the words or phrases you will use in your poem. Now, using paint, a sharpie, pencil, or whatever you choose, cover all the words that are NOT part of your poem. You can add illustrations or designs if you like! You may want to write out your final poem to display next to your Blackout Poem. This is a really fun way to write creative poetry, even if you are not generally a fan of writing!

Poetry Seeds

This activity works well for all ages, including young kids. They can choose words at random, and you can create a poem together! Type or write out a page of words — things you like, random words, a mix of verbs and nouns, etc. Then, cut out the words and divide them up between a few envelopes (or containers of any kind). Feel free to decorate the container (you’ll be able to use them over and over)! When you are ready to create a poem, choose one of the “poetry seed” packets and see what "seeds" are inside. Arrange the words in different combinations and see what stands out to you. You can add in written words of your own, or try and use only words from your envelope. Once you have your words in place, glue or tape them down. Decorate or illustrate your poem with paint, crayons, or any other art supplies you may have around!