ESL Testimonial - Dekyi


"Thank you for helping me with citizenship and giving me a teacher. My teacher helps me with my English and a lot of other things. Becoming American means a lot to me. I am free here and my son has a chance for a good life. I have free speech and free religion here. I am very happy in America."

ESL Quote


"In the cold winter afternoon, the snow was heavy. After school, my son had no friends to play with. I brought him to Jones Library. We read book, built blocks and played with other children. Even if we did not know each other, all staffs were smile to us, all kids played together naturally. My son told me: tomorrow, I want to come to this library again. I agreed him. I thought Jones Library was a place that appealed to us. Then, going to Jones Library had become our daily life in the strange America. In a long period, Jones Library had become my son's paradise, also a good place for me to relax.

With passage of time, I got to know my English tutor Andrea under the help of Jones Library. I started to attend the English conversation circle in person in Jones Library. I got the chance to communicate with local friends and other international friends. So, not only did I practice English, but I also made friends. Those friends were all very important to me in the difficult time. The coronavirus broke out in the world. The relationship between China and America has also become very tense. Air tickets back to China are hard to get. We often sink into anxiety. But we also can get help and encouragement from Jones Library. There are so many good friends who care about us. Every week, the people’s kindness in the conversation circle in Zoom gives me hope and courage. I do think that Jones Library is like the warm sunshine of my oversea life in America."

Aixiang “Sunny” Hou is a teacher at the School of Food Science and Technology at Hunan Agricultural University, and a visiting scholar at UMass Amherst.

ESL Testimonial - Edna


"ESL is important for me because English is needed for social, working, government and medical communication — everything. ESL is good because it has individual one-on-one teaching. In ESL the tutor can address specific needs — so for me ESL is good! I appreciate Lynne and Tim and am grateful for ESL."
ESL Testimonial - Xin


"I like one teacher, one student."


"I really appreciate your encouragement and I can't thank enough Jones Library ESL for making my dreams come true."


"I had so much wonderful time in the Jones Library with my tutor. It is very meaningful for us who want to improve our English. It is also very helpful."


"The sign in the lobby says 'welcome' in various languages. This is indeed the case. The library is such an inclusive and energetic place. I have been here for almost one year, and participating in library activities is already part of my daily life. I enjoy this friendly and warm atmosphere."

ESL Quote - May 2018


"Every library is a space where everyone can aprimorate [improve] your knowledge and break cultural barriers with books, magazines, movies, music, art and computer programs. But for me Jones Library is for me not limited to them. I met many visitors like me from other countries who tried to communicate in English and we were treated equally by their employees. The best thing for me was a conversation club and a possibility to have a tutor because I improved my English, could make friends, and understood the culture and routine of this city. And then, I got to be part of this amazing community."


"In this difficult period, it is Jones Library and all my conversation circle hosts, especially my tutor Carolyn, encouraged me to be happily and fearlessly on all issues. I'd like to express my sincere appreciation to them for their kindness, patience and generosity. I will remember all these beauties and cherish them with my heart."