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DIY Painted Gift Wrap

  • Roxanne says: "DIY Painted Gift Wrap by Courtney Cerruti is an fun and inspiring class that leaves you with a pile of colorful papers to use for wrapping gifts for any occasion. Courtney Cerruti teaches several quick and easy dry-brush techniques, from sophisticated crosshatch designs to loose geometric squiggles – no prior painting experience required. At the very end, Courtney shares unique ideas for mixing and matching papers to wrap any gift."
  • View class: DIY Painted Gift Wrap (you can also find it under the Art & Design and Mixed Media menu or by searching by instructor for Courtney Cerruti)
  • CREATIVEBUG ART AFTERNOON! Join Roxanne on Saturday, December 3, 2022, from 3pm to 4pm at the Jones Library as we spend the afternoon making wrapping paper and exploring Creativebug. This is a class that focuses on experimenting and fun, and is appropriate for any skill level. Recommended for ages 16 and up. All materials are provided, but space is limited. To register, please visit the Reference Desk or call 413-259-3096.

Color Meditation Daily Practice

  • Roxanne says: "Color Meditation Daily Practice by Lisa Solomon is great if you only have 5 minutes a day and you feel like you’re not really an artist because you can’t draw or paint. This class guides you through daily exercises that add a little bit of color and quiet time to your day.

    It's no problem if you don’t have the fancy watercolor sets that they show. I was able to do most of the exercises with a kids Crayola watercolor set, but if you don’t have that, I was even able to do most of it with ball-point pens in a few different colors! Don’t have watercolor paper? I tried it with both copy paper and magazine subscription cards. You could even use old envelopes or junk mail.

    This class isn’t about the end product, it’s about taking 5 minutes a day to distract your mind in a simple and colorful way."
  • View class: Color Meditation Daily Practice (you can also find it under the Daily Practice menu or by searching by instructor for Lisa Solomon)

Updated November 2, 2022