jubilat / Jones Poetry Series

jubilat's founders and editors over the years have loved having the series as part of Jones Library programming; a place of love of reading, writing, and thinking, seeing, feeling, being welcome and one with art and thought of many kinds in many ways.  How lucky that jubilat could be a part of bringing all the poets and writers who passed through.  These visiting poets, from near and far, all rave about the place and love to recall their readings with audiences of community members, students, and sometimes children.  We all also loved partnering with the Emily Dickinson Museum's Amherst Poetry Festival for several joint events bringing Jones Library, jubilat,and the museum together for the good of many.

To the Friends of the Jones Library who have kept this series alive and well, thriving and significantly understood nationally, regionally and locally as a premiere venue for all poets to come to with their poems, mostly new ones, and find a poetry-loving audience ready to listen, we send profoundly grateful thanks for inviting the Jones/jubilat series to come into being and for sustaining it over many many years; your generosity and faithfulness inspired the series from beginning to end.

The series began with the library's Bonnie Isman's assistance and guidance, and we thank her for her interest, inspiration and good will.

jubilat and jubilat's many editors and contributors, subscribers and friends send our appreciation, highest regards, and good wishes. It's been a great many years' experience.

and editors Caryl Pagel, Emily Pettit, and Dara Wier


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About jubilat / Jones:
jubilat / Jones
was made possible through generous support from the Friends of the Jones Library and jubilat literary journal, with additional support from the Juniper Initiative for Literary Arts and Action, the UMass MFA Program for Poets and Writers, and the Amherst Cultural Council, a local agency that is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.