Small Group Instruction for Elderly Beginners

We are looking for a volunteer who has experience (or a keen interest) in adult beginning-level ESL and/or early literacy and language development to teach a small, enthusiastic cohort of elderly immigrants. Each of these students has some degree of literacy in the native language, but most of the languages are not based on Roman script. The students are at beginning oral and written proficiency levels, and hope to (eventually) pass the US citizenship test. The class is upbeat, moderately-paced, student-centered, and squarely focused on practical (rather than academic) language objectives.

We offer two 90-minute classes a week. It is possible that the days/times of these sessions can be adjusted to suit the volunteer. A prospective volunteer will observe the class to see how it works, and if all goes well, can gradually transition in with support from the current teacher (Lynne), who can also substitute when needed.