One-to-one Instruction

The library has volunteers who teach beginning and intermediate-level English skills to newcomer adults. A tutor can help with speaking, listening, reading, and writing. We can help immigrants prepare for the U.S. citizenship test, get their driver's permit, or get ready for community college.

The tutors are volunteers. They can meet with you (1-on-1) at the library or in another place that is easier for you. The tutor will meet with you once or twice a week at any time that you are free. You don't have to pay the tutor: the service is free, but you might have to wait until a tutor is available.
Claudia and Qing

How do I apply?

To get a tutor at the Jones Library, contact Lynne at 413-259-3093 or to make an appointment with her. She will find out what you want to learn, and when you have time to study. The appointment will take about 20 minutes. You can bring a friend or relative to help you if you do not speak any English. Lynne speaks Spanish.