One-to-one Conversation Practice

The Jones Library finds volunteers from the local community to help international visitors practice English conversation. They are native English speakers (but not professional teachers) and they meet with students once or twice a week, for about an hour, for one-to-one conversation at the library or in another location that is convenient for both. Conversation practice can be scheduled in the morning, afternoon, or evening, any day of the week (including weekends, if that works best for you.)
Keelin Moehl & Le Yue
Conversation partners are for students who are at a high level of English proficiency (particularly in writing), but may not be accustomed to hearing and speaking English in fast-paced interactions. A conversation partner can help you improve your speaking and listening skills, explain vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, identify speech errors, coach pronunciation, and discuss American culture with you. He/she can also help you figure out how to "get things done" in the United States and participate in local opportunities and events. Conversation partners do not provide formal instruction – they generally do not use textbooks, assign homework, or give tests.

How do I apply?

To apply for a conversation partner, please submit a CONVERSATION PARTNER REQUEST.