1. Conversation Group

    Conversation Circles
    We offer English-language conversation practice for people who want to practice speaking and listening in an informal setting. This is a good way to learn about US culture, the local Amherst community, and local opportunities. No registration is necessary.
  1. Mahendra Sapkota

    Our Stories — Mahendra
    Mahendra Sapkota arrived from Nepal in 2012 with no money, no family, and minimal English skills. On June 2, 2018, he graduated from GCC with honors. He has been admitted to UMass where he will pursue a degree in Computer Science. Learn more.
  1. Dekyi Paldon

    Our New Citizens
    Since 1985, 100% of our citizenship students have succeeded at their naturalization tests. Meet some of our newest citizens!

ESL News

Volunteer Videos

Why do more than 100 local community members volunteer at the Jones Library's ESL Center? What is it like to work with an adult English language learner? This set of videos lets you hear about it directly from the volunteers – and some students.