Staff Picks

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  1. Reads: literary fiction, historical fiction, mysteries, memoirs, suspense/thrillers, young adult, and the occasional sci-fi / fantasy


  1. Reads: literary fiction, biographies & nonfiction, mysteries with richly developed characters, chick lit, an occasional young adult novel
  1. North Woods
  2. Birnam Wood
  3. Whalebone Theatre
  4. This Other Eden
  5. Solito
  6. Harlem Shuffle by Colson Whitehead
  7. Station Eleven
  8. The Pull of the Stars
  9. Disappearing Earth
  10. The Thursday Murder Club
  11. Hamnet: A Novel of the Plague
  12. Sea Wife
  13. Doomsday Book
  14. The Vanishing Half
  15. Our Malady
  16. Washington Black
  17. News of the World
  18. The Beauty in Breaking
  19. How to be an antiracist
  20. Brother Robert by Annye C. Anderson - An intimate memoir by blues legend Robert Johnson’s stepsister
  21. Hidden Valley Road
  22. These Fevered Days
  23. braiding sweetgrass
  24. Once More We Saw Stars
  25. Limits of the World
  26. A Place for Us
  27. Circe
  28. The World According to Fannie Davis
  29. How Hard Can It Be
  30. Educated
  31. Vanessa and Her Sister 158x235.jpg
  32. harrietwolf.jpg
  33. __Alice in Bed 157x235.jpg
  34. __btwntheworld.jpg
  35. oneplusone 155x235.jpg
  36. newjimcrow 160x235.jpg
  37. inventionofwings 155x235.jpg
  38. alliknowandlove 155x235.jpg
  39. _sixthextinction 155x234.jpg
  40. faultinourstars 157x235.jpg
  41. dearcommitteemembers 162x235.jpg
  42. allthelightwecannotsee 156x235.jpg


  1. Reads: literary fiction, scifi & fantasy, narrative nonfiction, short stories, essays

Amy - Librarian Emeritus

  1. “I like literary fiction. I like writing that is poetic. I like writers who I sense struggle to find the perfect word. I like writers who make me see the world differently; whether they have a talent for imaginative description, or have their characters express insights that feel absolutely spot on, but brand new to me. I like fiction that makes me question existing ideas. I also love writers who have a brilliant knack for making things funny. Besides fiction, the humorous-yet-poignant essay is one of my favorite things to read."