December in the Burnett Gallery


  • Thérèse Légère
  • Vimala Steadman
  • Roxanne Boyd

Gallery Dates

  • December 1-31

Artists' Reception

  • Thursday, December 5, 5 - 8 p.m.
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Three artists that contrast in idea, method, and media

Therese Legere image

Thérèse Légère is a painter who creates figurative and abstract paintings using a variety of materials such as oil pastels, oil and acrylic paint. Recent productions include her Angels Series and the Luminous Abstract Series. Therese is fascinated by the depth and mystery of abstract and intuitive art. She is inspired by her forest surroundings in Western Massachusetts and her studies at the College St-Laurent in Montreal.

Steadman image

Vimala Steadman is a painter of primarily abstract acrylic works on paper. She has explored mostly spontaneous methods of creating in the past fifty years, using concepts of splitting apart, thought forms and etheric landscapes. Not having abandoned her abstract work, Vimala has recently found botanical drawing to be a meditative and comforting way of working. Picture yourself as an insect crawling over the surface of a flower or leaf noticing the color and form with each step, allowing one to enter a world that is many times overlooked.

Boyd image

Roxanne Boyd is a papercut artist who uses non-traditional materials including leaves, upcycled journal pages, and waterproof paper. Her process involves creating patterns and abstract designs using oil and acrylic paints and then cutting shapes and pieces away to highlight negative and positive shapes.  She finds the papercutting process is both creative and meditative.