April in the Burnett Gallery


  • Sally Greenebaum--Various photos

Gallery Dates

  • April 1-30

Artists' Reception

  • Thursday, April 4, 5 - 8 p.m.
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Patterns: Hiding in Plain View

Sally grew up in Amherst, Massachusetts, in a family of musicians. In many ways her photography reflects her deep understanding and appreciation of musical forms and motifs. She finds unsuspected patterns in the everyday - in the close relationship between things, their shadows and the negative spaces they create. Water, beaches, and architectural features all reveal beauties that we all see but rarely notice. In words perfectly suited to her photography, she “makes the familiar strange.”

Her photographs convey both a sense of awe and a sense of humor. A bleached tree trunk on a Santa Barbara beach becomes two llamas kissing, with the sun flaming in their hearts. Bubbles under ice in Amethyst Brook become small creatures waiting to be loved. Reflections in rippling water are transformed into brilliant colors, unique shapes, and extraterrestrials engaged in an endless and unrepeating dance of life. And a lone house painter gets an assist from his shadow self. Enjoying Sally’s art encourages us to become more attentive viewers of our environment

Sally has exhibited in Northampton, Springfield, and Santa Barbara, California. A wider selection of her work may be found on her website: sallygreenebaumphoto.com. Sally is also a cellist and an Occupational Therapist and lives in Northampton.