Application to Exhibit

Application for the Season Beginning June 2018

Deadline: 5:00 p.m., Sunday, October 15, 2017


The Burnett Gallery in the Jones Library is pleased to invite applications for its monthly exhibitions during the upcoming season. Since the founding of the Jones Library in 1921, the Burnett Gallery has offered area artists and craftspeople a public space in which to exhibit their work. Collectively, the exhibits aim to reflect a variety of media, styles, cultural viewpoints, and levels of artistic expression. Such shows have been part of the library's programs to encourage appreciation and understanding of art. Individuals or groups in Amherst and surrounding towns may submit applications.

The Space

The Burnett Gallery is on the 2nd floor of the Jones Library and offers about 70 linear feet of wall space and 600 square feet of floor space. Artists must familiarize themselves with the features and limitations of the gallery space before submitting an application. The Gallery provides hardware for hanging wall works, which must be suitably framed and wired. Nine pedestals are available for small 3-dimensional work. A wall case on the 1st floor of the library provides space for an announcement of the show. Artists are responsible for installing and taking down their shows and for displaying their show announcements. A member of the Burnett Gallery Committee will inform you about publicizing and setting up your show.

How Exhibits are Selected

The Burnett Gallery Committee, composed of local artists and art supporters, reviews applications annually. Application forms are available at the Jones Library or online below beginning in the summer of each year. The next deadline for submission is listed at the top of this page.

If you are offered a show, it may be jointly with one or more other artists, because there may be more qualified people requesting space than can be accommodated by solo exhibitions. For joint shows, the Committee tries to choose applicants who are artistically compatible.

Contact Information

Do not hesitate to ask questions. They should be directed to the secretary of the Burnett Gallery Committee, Elisa Campbell, at 413-256-4247 or by email at

Please do not contact Jones Library office staff. They cannot answer questions about the gallery and will refer you to the committee member listed above.

Exhibition Application Requirements

Your application should include the following 6 items:

  1. A completed and printed Application to Exhibit Form (PDF)
  2. A compact disc (CD), or color photos, or other quality copies of your artwork

    • Compact disc images must be in JPEG format with 300 dpi resolution. CDs must be PC compatible. An unreadable CD will disqualify the submission. Each image should include your name, title, medium, and dimensions. Please label the CD itself with your name.
    • Color photos or quality color photocopies in clear sheet protectors are acceptable. Items should be clearly labeled with your name, title, medium, and dimensions of the artwork.
    • 35mm color slides are acceptable but not desirable (awkward to view). Indicate the top of the artwork with a small red arrow. Label each slide with artist's name, title, medium, and dimensions. Alternatively, number each slide and provide a corresponding list with the artist's name, title, medium, and dimensions.
    • The number of images to submit is as follows:
      • If you are a single applicant: 10 images
      • 2 persons: 8 images each
      • Group submissions: a total of 20-25 images proportionately divided
    • Please include 2 print copies or two slides or provide a CD copy (for each applicant) that the Committee may keep as a reminder of your work.
  3. A brief, typed description of the work to be shown
  4. A brief, typed biographical paragraph (whatever you care to say about yourself). A more formal résumé could also be included, in addition.
  5. A signed copy of the Terms of Exhibiting (PDF)
  6. A self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return of your materials, if you wish.

Please Note

  • Burnett Gallery Presentations may be offered to help you complete your application and your artwork for showing.
  • Do not send original artwork — copies only.
  • All materials for submission must fit into an envelope no larger than 10" x 13".
  • Your materials must also fit into the self-addressed, stamped, return envelope.
  • No handwritten statements will be accepted (with the exception of the application form).
  • The quality of your application materials influences your chances of being considered for a show. Please keep this in mind as you prepare your application.

Submitting Your Application

Submit the application materials requested above (in person or by mail) to the Burnett Gallery Committee's mailbox in the Jones Library Office.

The address is:
Jones Library
Attn: Burnett Gallery Committee
43 Amity Street
Amherst, MA 01002

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Artists will be notified of the jury's decision by December 31, 2017.

Again, do not hesitate to ask questions. They should be directed to secretary of the Burnett Gallery Committee (not the Jones Library staff).