To borrow books and other library materials or to request items from other libraries, you must have a current library card.

What can I borrow?

A lot! We have large collections of books, magazines, DVDs, music CDs, books-on-CD, and Playaways (portable audio players) — as well as a large and growing collection of digital books, downloadable audiobooks, and digital magazines. You may also borrow museum passes, wi-fi hotspots, musical instruments, e-readers, and more.

How many items may I borrow?

You can borrow up to 50 items at a time. Please limit the number of books-on-CD, DVDs, and Playaways (portable digital players) to 5 per visit.

How long may I borrow items?

See our Loan Rules table for a complete list of loan periods and renewal limits. Items may not be renewable if they are 2 or more weeks overdue.

Are there items I can't borrow?

Yes, there are a few types of items that can't be borrowed, including reference books, materials in our Special Collections, newspapers, and magazines that are over 10 years old. Most of these items can be read or viewed inside our libraries.

Where can I use my Jones Library card?

You can use your Jones Library card at any of the public libraries in the CW MARS consortium. You cannot use your Jones Library card at the college libraries in CW MARS, though you can place holds on items owned by these libraries for pick up at a public library.

Can I borrow items from other libraries?

Yes! You can easily borrow items from around the region via the CW MARS consortium, from across Massachusetts via the Commonwealth Catalog, and from throughout the country via Inter-Library Loan (ILL). Requested items can be held for you to pick up at any of our libraries. See Searching & Placing Holds for details. And please contact our Reference Desk at 413-259-3096 for assistance.

Where can I return items?

Items borrowed from any public library in the CW MARS consortium may be returned to any other CW MARS library. Items borrowed through the Commonwealth Catalog or via Inter-Library Loan (ILL) must be returned to the Jones Library or one of our branches.

Will the library send me overdue notices?

Overdue notices are sent by email when an item is 1 week overdue – or sooner if it is a 1 week loan. Bills are sent by regular mail or email when an item is 4 weeks overdue. If we do not have an email address for you, the first notice you receive in the mail will be a bill for overdue items.

How does the library calculate overdue fines?

Effective August 17, 2019, our libraries are fine free. This means that no overdue fines will accrue on Jones Library and its branches' materials. See our Fine Free FAQ for details.

However, having overdue items on your account may result in restrictions on further borrowing and access to digital services and collections. Please see the next question for details.

What happens if I have overdue items?

No overdue fines will accrue on Jones Library and its branches' materials. That said, we sincerely appreciate your prompt return of all library items by their due dates!

If items with replacement costs totaling $30 or more become long overdue — generally 2 weeks overdue for DVDs and 4 weeks overdue for books and CDs — you may be prohibited from borrowing more library materials, placing holds, and accessing digital collections. Some items that are less than 2 weeks overdue may result in loss of borrowing and access privileges.

Your record will be cleared and your privileges will resume once you return long overdue materials or pay the replacement costs for lost items.

What if I lose or damage something?

It is your responsibility to pay for any library materials that are lost or damaged. Failure to pay for lost or damaged items may result in suspension of borrowing privileges at the Jones Library, our branches, and other libraries in the CW MARS consortium.

Materials belonging to the Jones Library, North Amherst Library, or Munson Memorial Library:
You can also ask about replacement costs at any of our Circulation Desks. Fees may be paid in person at any of our libraries; fees may also be paid online by logging into My Account. The Children’s Department may also accept brand-new exact replacement copies of their items.

Materials belonging to libraries in other towns:
The policies of libraries in other towns may vary. Payments for lost or damaged items from other libraries may be paid in person — by check only — at any of our libraries; fees may also be paid online by logging into My Account. Contact the owning library first if you wish to purchase replacement copies.

Can I pay for lost or damaged items online?

Yes, you can pay replacement fees online with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover, by logging into My Account.

What if I lose my card?

Please report lost cards to any Circulation Desk as soon as possible. (Phone numbers are listed under the Contact Us heading on this page.) Replacement cards are free.

I've moved. What should I do?

Please report address changes to any Circulation Desk by completing this short form.

Updated March 6, 2023